My Bigger Plan


"It woke me up and showed the flexibility, strength and creativity in every human mind. "

Very nice meeting you. My name is Dagmare van Willigenburg and my focus has always been on society, consciousness and creating positive change.

Thoughts and visions for a better world started shaping while reading blogs, articles, books of visionaries, change-makers and believers, watching documentaries, movies and work from artists.

My thoughts came to fruition when founding my design company (Dauw Design 2009). Investing in serious playing and design thinking, making a human centered approach leading. This led to adventures, experiments and much self-reflection. It woke me up and showed the flexibility, strength and creativity in every human mind. And if not clearly visible, just needing little to awaken. This positive image on humanity is one of my strongest believes.

In more recent years, while working at an ad agency, I had the rewarding opportunity in meeting people from a wide range of companies. Questioning, discussing and advising on identity, communication and vision with clients from a modern museum of art, to slave-free chocolate makers. The interchange of information, thoughts and ideas with these lovely bunch of people gave me (an inner-)permission to primarily be involved with matters that concerned me, instead of what earned me money.

Digging deeper in the world of doing good, it excited and inspired me to see the variety of unicorn-like-initiatives around the globe.
From the ones in my hometown to the ones on the other side of the earth. Seemingly fearless people with believes, hopes and or perseverance.
With or without eduction, young, old, poor, rich.
Normal citizens of this world not just trying, but actually doing better.
For now.
For next generations.
Limitless thinking.
No borders.
Inspiring me and others.
I love to share them with you.

Where your mind is, there is your life energy.
Focus on the negative and negative will grow.
Focus on the positive and positive will grow.
Every moment in time can only be spent once.
I'd rather spent mine on something which I think deserves my attention and time.

My turning point in seeing how positive focus and energy could create a visible change for many thousands was when (great mind) Florence Schreinemachers and me started Needs Now Foundation.

In my opinion an adventurous and optimistic mind is able to find potential. The essence of potential is showcasing a glimpse of a possible future.
It inspires to act, to live, to change.

And that's what this is all about.

To spark your inner flame, enlighten your thoughts and awaken your own identity.
Because there is very much possible.
You are potentially the change.
I invite you to be open and surprised by others and most of all,
by yourself.


Photo credits: Florence Schreinemachers